Asset Reliability and Optimization

A simple Industrial IoT system that combines wireless sensors and cloud software to optimize asset health and performance

Asset Reliability & Optimization Cloud

Asset health & performance at your fingertips. Designed to securely ingest sensor data, create asset digital twins, view failure modes and use machine learning analytics to provide real-time asset insights.

  • ML-driven asset health & performance
  • Anywhere access through web and mobile
  • Integrate with Historians and EAM systems


Vibration Mote

Wireless vibration sensor for condition monitoring of fixed and variable-speed rotating machines such as motors, pumps, compressors and fans. Simply mount Vibration Motes on your assets and kickstart a wireless predictive maintenance program.

  • Triaxial Vibration + Temperature
  • Running Speed
  • WiFi enabled, battery powered
  • Easily installs in minutes



Wireless sensor input module for asset reliability and optimization for any industrial asset including rotating machines, valves, electrical panels and more. Plug in a variety of sensors – including temperature, pressure, ultrasound, current and vibration – to kickstart an asset optimization initiative.

  • Wi-Fi enabled, battery or external power
  • Supports hundreds of types of sensors
  • Flexible mounting options


Transmitter Sensors

Select from a variety of sensors to meet your application-specific needs. Plug in up to three sensors at a time into a Petasense Transmitter for multi-parameter asset analytics.

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Current
  • Ultrasound
  • Vibration
  • And more…