Asset Reliability & Optimization Cloud

Bring together sensor data, asset knowledge and ML-analytics to help you get the most out of your assets

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Based on a microservices architecture, Petasense Asset Reliability & Optimization (ARO) Cloud is highly scalable and fault tolerant. The cloud processes high volume of sensor data using signal processing and ML analytics. It runs on the Google Cloud platform.

Web & Mobile Apps

Visualize dashboards and asset details from anywhere on a powerful and simple web-based interface. Petasense Apps are designed to meet the needs of both managers who need a quick snapshot or engineers who want sophisticated tools and analysis features.

The iPhone and iPad apps match all of the functionality of the web version. They also allow you to take on-demand measurements from nearby assets using Bluetooth.

Machine Learning Analytics

With hundreds of assets and thousands of sensors collecting real time data, it’s impossible to manually analyze all of it. Machine learning comes to your assistance by creating a simple to understand health score. The health score is determined using numerous asset-specific sensor parameters. It helps analysts, managers and engineers focus on the machines that are exhibiting abnormal behaviors.

Rich Vibration Analysis Tools

Explore trend, waveform and spectrum graphs on any browser or mobile device. Analyze spectra with harmonic cursors and sidebands. Trend broadband features, like RMS or peak-to-peak, and narrowband features, like forcing frequencies and bearing tones. Configure Fmax, lines of resolution, windowing and averaging metrics. You can also configure the bearing tones from our database of bearings. View demodulated and enveloped spectra to catch bearing and other high-frequency issues.

Enterprise-grade Security

All of the data paths – between the sensors, cloud and apps – are authenticated and fully encrypted. Connection requests are always initiated by the sensors to prevent inbound threats.

Easy Integration

Petasense cloud supports REST APIs to easily integrate with 3rd party systems. The APIs support token based authentication and encryption and provide access to the sensor data and also the outcome of machine learning analytics.

Petasense Cloud also integrates with prominent process historians and CMMS/EAM software from leading vendors. This facilitates analysis of asset data alongside process parameters.

Real-Time Events & Notifications

User requirements for events & notifications vary based on an application’s criticality, the user’s role and simply the user’s personal preference. Petasense Events framework offers a flexible and versatile events and notifications service.

Users can easily configure events based on their team’s unique needs. And to get you started easily, the most important events are pre-configured to reduce your implementation time.

Interactive Asset Builder

Easily build a visual layout of your site and machines using a library of modular, interactive machine graphics. An interactive, informative “digital twin” of the asset helps you easily view critical machine information and real-time sensor data while identifying pain-points across your plant or enterprise.