Power Generation

You keep the lights on

Power plants typically schedule one or two annual maintenance outages and only perform maintenance when equipment fails. However, with increased competition from deregulation and new sources of renewable energy coming on to the grid, there is an enhanced focus on improving equipment uptime and lowering repair and outage costs.

A robust data-driven predictive maintenance approach is increasingly becoming table-stakes. Petasense services leading power generation companies in the US and helps them monitor critical, balance-of-plant machines.

Assets we monitor

  • Feedwater pumps, sprint pumps, condensate pumps and boiler feed pumps in combined cycle plants
  • Cooling tower gearboxes and fans in combined cycle plants
  • Primary reactor coolant pumps, high pressure injection pumps, filling pumps, feedwater pumps and condensate booster pumps in nuclear plants
  • Gearbox and low speed shaft in wind turbines