Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Software - Bangalore, India


    Petasense, founded in Jan 2014, is a Silicon Valley startup in the Industrial Internet of Things space. Our vision is to make every industrial plant leverage predictive analytics to increase productivity. We are backed by top Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

    Petasense’s products help industrial companies eliminate production downtime caused by machine failures using IoT sensors, cloud software and AI-based analytics. Petasense IoT devices capture machine signals such as vibration, temperature and ultrasound and send it to the Petasense Cloud. Petasense Cloud uses data science and machine learning to predict the failure of industrial equipment. Users interact with Petasense using a web dashboard and a mobile app.

    Petasense is growing rapidly and has solid traction across large Fortune 1000 and mid-size industrial companies across a variety of industries that are essential for our daily existence - power generation, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, metals & mining among others.

    The number of connected devices is exploding from 5 billion today to more than 40 billion by 2022. A large part of this connectivity will happen in the industrial world. Today’s technologies only allow the most expensive machinery to be monitored and optimized. Petasense is disrupting and democratizing this $5.5 billion market.

    Our team consists of people who have built enterprise & wireless startups and have worked at blue-chip companies like Nvidia, Nokia, Cisco, IBM, and Citrix. The founding team consists of MIT, IIT & BITS, Pilani alums.

    You can watch a video of our team here.

    Check out our press coverage here.


    • Design and develop data science, cloud, web and mobile features
    • Implement sophisticated algorithms involving digital signal processing and machine learning
    • Design software that can scale to thousands of enterprise customers, handle large amounts of data and make it available to end users in a simple and intuitive manner
    • Focus on full stack software development for our current and future product releases
    • Research the latest technologies in IoT/AI and develop rapid prototypes for new features
    • Have the passion and knack to look at a product in its entirety, including hardware and embedded software


    • BE/BS/B-Tech in Computer Science or equivalent. Alternate proof of solid CS fundamentals acceptable
    • 6-10 years experience in writing back-end server-side code using Python or popular Python frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyramid
    • Worked on sophisticated web application products that scaled to millions of users and/or transactions
    • Experience working in an Agile development environment with a strong focus on rapid iterative software development
    • Any hands-on experience in data science and machine learning is a big plus
    • Strong experience with web technologies
    • Any experience working on front-end javaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, Backbone or similar is a plus
    • Comfortable with working in Unix/Linux, AWS, Azure and similar cloud technologies
    • Comfortable with team-based tools such as Bitbucket, Git, Asana, Bugzilla



    • Have worked in a startup
    • Designed interactive, SVG charts using D3 or similar technology
    • Mathematical inclination and familiarity with statistics
    • Experience with NoSQL technologies (Cassandra, MongoDB) is a plus
    • Contributed to the open source community e.g. github
    • Hacked on hardware projects related to the Internet of Things

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